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Atlanta Commission on Women

Advocating Issues Affecting the Women of Atlanta

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Advocating Issues Affecting the Women of Atlanta

Access and Awareness

to information affecting women


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Read all of the latest announcements regarding legistration, current events, hot topics, products and services.


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strategic priorities

As an organization dedicated to women in Atlanta, we study to address and affect educational needs of and opportunities for women, social security and tax laws as they affect women, women’s health issues, political, legal, civil, property, and social rights of women employment policies in the public and private sector and their impact on the wage earning capacity of women, child care issues, domestic violence and public safety, employee and wage equity, traditional public housing, equity in recreation and sports services, aging issues, and then some. 
Given the wide range of topics, needs and solutions to explore, we conducted a survey of 100 key stakeholders and decided to focus our efforts on three strategic priorities.
  1. Financial literacy for women: Increase the City of Atlanta’s participation in financial literacy programming toward increasing financial security for women.
  2. Financial sustainability — peer champions: Create easy, popular access for the girls and women of Atlanta have to the narratives of peer champions who model the “success story” of financial sustainability.
  3. Legislative review related to women’s financial security: assure that City of Atlanta legislation, at minimum, does not negatively impact women’s ability to become financially secure, and at most actively promotes their financial security and mobility.
Read more about our strategic priorities in the surveys, goals and initiatives in the of our most recent Strategic Plan.

Leadership and Action

in the city where you live


We exist to address, advocate and affect issues pertaining to the quality of life, status and well-being for the women of Atlanta.


We work hard to promote access, generate awareness, provide leadership and take action to impact legislation, educate, empower, elevate the women of Atlanta.


We promise to cultivate and connect women lead business, women's organizations, and the dynamic diverse women of Atlanta to valuable resources, important information and to each other.


We strive to communicate and collaborate with the women of Atlanta thru events, meetings, seminars, social platforms, and our monthly newsletter, ATLANTAWOMEN.

Mission and Life

address, advocate and affect

Our mission is to address advocate and affect issues pertaining to the quality of life, status and well-being of women in the Atlanta area; to promote access and awareness; and to provide leadership and take action to impact legislation that will protect and support women.  We strive to improve the overall quality of life of women in the Atlanta thru the following:
  • Review and analysis of studies impacting the lives of women
  • Attention to and analysis of various complaints from women, such as domestic violence
  • Review of existing laws and regulations in order to update them
  • Collection and dissemination of information regarding the status of women
  • Creation of a directory of resources and services for women and girls
  • Networking and collaborating with women and women’s advocacy groups
To learn more about the origination, purpose, structure and governance, reference the Atlanta Commission on Women Bylaws.

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I love these ladies!
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Girl Power!
Peggy Sue
I learned so much working with this commission.
Keep up the good work!
Samantha Jones
I feel so much better about my future.
Keona Banks
So much has been accomplished by this wonderful group of women.
Brandi Smith
I've had the time of my life.
Regina Parks